Meet the Photographer

Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Rana and I’m a Portrait Photographer based in Sydney’s South West. I have been in the photography industry for over a decade with extensive experience under my belt in both the technical and digital side of photography. I’ve dabbled in most genres of photography as is evident in my portfolio but what appeals to me the most is Portraiture, specialising in children and wedding photography. My style consists of fine art, surreal, conceptual and emotive imagery.

With a degree in Arts majoring in Media Studies, I always had a knack for anything and everything creative, artistic, surreal and unique so it was only natural for me to delve into the world of creative madness and Photography was and is my calling!

Photography isn’t just an occupation for me, it’s a passion, an addiction and a healing therapy that brings me so much stimulation, ecstasy and freedom. When I look through the lens I don’t merely see the subject and its environment, rather a portal of exploring and understanding the connection between two worlds simultaneously, the external: surroundings, structures and colours and the internal: emotions, thoughts and desires. And from this observation I am able to capture authentic, emotive and perpetual imagery.


If you’re seeking a unique and effortless experience with a creative photography style then you’ve come to the right place and I’d love to hear from you to discuss your requirements and answer all your queries! You can reach me through the Contact page or shoot me an email:  info@photographyworld.com.au